The concept for Papilia was born out of my passion for travel and curiosity to experience cultures of the world in a mindful and responsible way.

As an avid traveler, I spent hours researching cultural nuances and etiquette to feel confident and comfortable in any business or leisure setting. I wanted to be prepared for my trip prior to departure so they I could focus on what actually matters: to absorb local culture, to develop meaningful relationships, and to create lasting memories.

Throughout this journey, I have listened to embarrassing travel-related faux pas, and "I probably shouldn't have done of that" moments from travelers. I spent time thinking about how Papilia's mission could impact the lives of travelers in a more thoughtful way.  After many months of brainstorming ideas, and reflecting upon global perceptions of culture in the United States and abroad, I have developed a solution that I'm really passionate about.

Papilia offers customized cross-cultural communication, mindful leadership, international etiquette training and coaching for businesses and individuals who want to improve upon their strategic international relationships or expand their portfolio to include diverse clientele.

Our mission, "Maximize the Impact of Your Global Interactions," addresses a greater need many people are facing and want to better understand. Cultural intricacies are complex, but they are key to successful interactions and will also facilitate a deeper appreciation for local culture and surroundings. 

These training and coaching sessions also integrate a component that is near and dear to my heart.


In order to interact with other cultures, you have to be mindful of your own interactions. I incorporate personal wellness tools in every training to create an experience that will enhance your professional and personal life if you are receptive to it.

My ultimate goal is to help you live a well balanced life, feel confident in every interaction, and spend your valuable time making lasting impressions with any and every culture. So, what are you waiting for?


Sophia Hyder

Founder/CEO Papilia

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