You have booked that trip to Cuba, and now you are doing all the post research to figure out what to pack, right? Papilia has you covered.

1. Toiletries: Pack the toiletries you use on a daily basis because you will rarely find products you typically purchase at a drug store in Cuba. We recommend you pack lightly, so buy travel sized items, and use travel sized containers if you need to bring special products. Check out 16 piece Travel Bottle Set by Alink.

2. Medical Kit: It is important to have fun, AND be prepared with a medical kit. Stores in Cuba may not have what you need, so bring it along. If you do not have time to prepare your own first aid kit, consider purchasing this FDA approved Lightweight First Aid Kit.

3. Medicine+Vitamins: Along with your mini medical kit, bring aspirin, your prescriptions,  and your daily vitamins.

4. Sunscreen: Estimate the amount you need on a daily basis and buy the amount you will need for the entirety of your trip. Neutrogena has a fantastic line of products that are good to your skin without feeling oily.

5. Bug Repellent: Regardless of the excursions you decide to experience, always be prepared with bug repellant in a tropical climate. Buy travel sized bottles that are easy to carry throughout the day. OFF! is a great product that is smells as good as bug repellant can be without being greasy.

6. Toilet Paper: This may sound surprising, but not all bathrooms may not have this much needed utility. Bring a roll or two with you.

7. Snacks: Buy some of your favorite bars and snacks, as they will not be readily available in small stores. They are also perfect when you are on the go. Goldfish and KIND Bars are Papilia favorites.

8. Spices: There are varying opinions about the availability of salt, pepper, and hot sauce in Cuban restaurants. If you need that little bit of pep and don't want to risk the deliciousness of your meal, bring travel packets with you.

9. Universal Power Adapter: Variance in voltage will not make you or your tech gadgets happy. The Macally AC Power Adapter is highly recommended if you do not have one. 

10. Camera: Do not miss out on capturing those special moments! If you are not a professional photographer and need some recommendations, check out CNET's Camera Buying Guide

An Important Note About Cash: Credit cards and cashier checks will not be of use to you in Cuba. Cash is king. However be aware that there are two currencies used in Cuba. Read this Trip Advisor article to learn more.

Most importantly, travel with a smile. That's something you do not have to buy!


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