Catrina Vienrich moved to Raleigh, from one of the sweetest places in the country, Hershey, PA, to study Entrepreneurship at North Carolina State University. She currently works as the VP of Sales and Marketing for EmployUs. She shared an amazing thought with us about her current role and why she loves it by saying, "

Everyday I am working on something that helps people - whether it is helping them find a job, helping them help a friend or helping a company find awesome talent - I feel like I'm helping to make a difference in our community," now isn't that something to get you excited for work every day? We are thrilled to have Catrina as one our contributors at Papilia. She has explored different parts of the world and will surely inspire you even more with her answers to some of these tough questions!

Catrina in 60 Seconds

Current Location: Raleigh, NC

Favorite Place to Travel: Murren, Switzerland

Travel Motto: Plan as much as you can - but don't be afraid to go off the beaten path when you get there

Favorite Activity: A bike ride through a new city



1) What do you love most about traveling?

Meeting new people, eating amazing food, exploring a new culture and taking in every bit of beauty that each place uniquely offers

2) What does your ultimate trip look like?

2 weeks between multiple locations where I get to spend the first week exploring the local sites and adventure activities and the last week relaxing in a beautiful spot.

3) What is your perfect day in your city?

I would go to Machu Picchu Peruvian Cuisine or Winstons Grille to eat. Calavera for a round of drinks. For shopping it's a no brainer to visit The Belk at Crabtree Mall, it's their flagship store after all. I would round up some friends and visit a good patio in downtown Raleigh or take a walk at Shelley Lake.

4) What culture has surprised you the most and why?

Berlin, Germany - we met Albanians that owned a local Italian spot (talk about a melting pot) that was fantastic. They were some of the warmest and most welcoming people of all of my travels, ever.

5) What's the biggest lesson you have learned from all of your travels?

You never know when you will get the opportunity to be back in a certain place so take in every experience, meal, drink, and site that you possibly can. You're memories will thank you.

6) What immediately connects you to a new place?

The food!

7) What are your 5 must have travel-related items that you don't leave home without?

Backpack - Jansport, medium size, black, Clarks Flats - Black, closed toe pair of flats, Jambox - mini jawbone jambox, Adidas dry fit hat, a good book

8) What is your next travel-related purchase?

New carry on luggage (I try to never check a bag)

9) What is your favorite season to travel and why?

Any time! There is always a place in the world that is in it's mid/peak season.


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