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Papilia offers a variety of cross-cultural workshops, bootcamps, and individual life coaching services aimed to inspire companies and individuals to be mindful leaders anywhere in the world. Review our course topics below and schedule a free consultation.


Are you making too many of your decisions for the future or your best life RIGHT NOW, in this moment?

You are fully equipped and capable to design your best life NOW. Together we can have powerful, purposeful conversations designed to help you find CLARITY and to take ACTION on any issue that you are working through in the present moment.

Make the time to create your best life NOW, and live the life you have always imagined!


3 - 1/2 hr sessions   I  $300.00

*** A complimentary 30 minute assessment call always takes place before any purchase.*** 

Additional sessions can be purchased at any time


1/2 hr session I  $100.00

*** A complimentary 20 minute assessment call always takes place before any purchase.***

Additional sessions can be purchased at any time



*How to design your ultimate dream life*

*How to overcome barriers to fear*

*How to create a healthy work/life balance*

*The art of time and life management*

*How to find your core passion*

*Mindful leadership*

*How to make thoughtful decisions in the height of chaos*

*How to work with diverse cultures*



Each bootcamp pertains to any topic below: 

*Lasts for one hour/week online for one month
*Discusses a subset of the chosen topic for 30 min with Q&A
*Provides thoughtful worksheets that aim to create breakthrough moments
*Capacity up to 20 people

*Prices for four bootcamp sessions start at $200/person


Each workshop pertains to any topic below: 

*Customized for your needs
*Highly Participatory
*Involve Pause and Reflect Moments
*Capacity up to 20 people (inquire if participants are over 20)

*Workshops can be held in the United States and abroad. 

*Prices start at $8,000 and can be adjusted to half-day or two-day workshops as requested.


Customize your workshop, training, or bootcamp to fit the needs of your company. Any chosen customization includes: 

*Participatory activities
*Pause and Reflect Moments
*Participant capacity will vary depending on the service 

*Workshops can be held in the United States and abroad. 

*Prices start at $9,000 and can be adjusted to half-day or two-day workshops as requested. 

Mindful Leadership

Self-awareness is fundamental to becoming an effective leader. This training will provide personnel with the tools they need to unlock their personal and professional motivators as an avenue to establish a healthy work/life balance. Personnel will learn about techniques they can use to feel empowered and inspired every day, be effective with their time, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and feel confident interacting with colleagues and clientele anywhere in the world.


Cross Cultural Leadership and International Etiquette

Only 10% of cultural nuances are witnessed by the naked eye. This training focuses on ways to understand your customer’s culture, to help you build confidence, and set you apart from your competition when doing business globally. We provide guidance on how to make an impression with clientele, email/verbal/meeting etiquette, handling negotiations, addressing management challenges, and proper attire.


Communication Etiquette

Communication is key with every human interaction; the challenge can often be how to communicate effectively with a culturally diverse audience. This training provides you with techniques on how to positively influence your colleagues and customers, how to handle negotiations, and how to improve your communication strategy via email, telephone and in-person interactions. We help companies expand their business opportunities and strategy through proven organizational methods and the cultivation of meaningful relationships.


Project Management

Businesses of all sizes undergo many complex transactions with staff and clientele each day. The stress of influencing and obtaining clientele while maintaining a healthy work environment can be challenging. This training provides your company with daily solutions on how to handle a variety of business settings in a way that is personable and effective. Trainings cover how to conduct successful business meetings, goal setting, making proper introductions, handling uncomfortable situations, and verbal/email/telephone communication etiquette with internal and external clients.


Image Awareness

First impressions weigh heavily on business interactions. Learn how to present yourself in a manner that builds your confidence and gain respect from your audience. This training addresses global dress codes, corporate etiquette, and methods to respect your audience without compromising your personal style.


Travel Itineraries

Preparing for travel can be hectic and time consuming. Eliminate enhanced stress levels with Papilia's customized packing list, culture etiquette tips, safety information, and shopping advice tailored for your trip prior to departure. Each itinerary integrates the weather, trip purpose, personal style, and spending habits to ensure you pack what you need and feel confident navigating local culture.