Papilia transforms complex concepts into actionable phases of development. We use a four-step process which incorporates transparency, analytics, and innovation to ensure the highest quality of service for your organizational needs. This is how we get the job done: 

1. Start the dialogue to understand your corporate culture

2. Create a human-centered design thinking framework customized for your needs

3. Provide tailored training, workshops and/or learning and development opportunities infused by wellness principles

4. Integrate coaching options for sustained support and growth 

TYPEs of Services offered

*Customized strategies using the principles of human-centered design thinking

*Tailored training and workshops

*Lunch and learns

*Web based instruction

*Assessments to enhance performance standards

*Wellness options for the workplace (yoga, meditation, stress reduction methods)

*Coaching/Mentorship options for upper management, middle management, and millennials


*Receive a greater return on investment and increased profit margin through greater retention of staff and a more cohesive working environment

*Develop more effective client/customer relationships

*Attain greater productivity through self-awareness and understanding individual impact upon others 

*Gain efficiencies by learning how to integrate practical communication tools into your daily routine