Friends and family, get ready! You may or may not be feel it yet, but the holiday season is here. Friendsgiving is a fun way to embrace the spirit with people you care about no matter where you are in the world. The Papilia team is here to give you some history about Friendsgiving along with simple tips to hosting your own.

What is Friendsgiving? Friendsgiving is a growing trend among the Millennial generation who are unable to make it home to celebrate Thanksgiving with their family. Other people tend to host a Thanksgiving-like feast in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving with their family.

Friendsgiving should be a fun event instead of a laborious one. We have five simple tips to help you host your own Friendgiving based on our own experiences.

  1. Consider your space + create a manageable guest list: Be realistic about the amount of people you can comfortably fit into your home, and create a guest list that aligns with your estimation.

  2. Plan ahead: People tend to book their vacations in advance. Send out an invite as early as October, and another reminder 10 days before the date you have selected so you know who will be attending. The number of people attending will determine the quantity of food you need to provide. Friendsgiving is typically hosted on Thanksgiving Day or before.

  3. Develop a menu + decide whether you will/will not be delegating responsibilities: Keep your menu simple to avoid stress. Take the time to decide how much of the cooking you would like to do or if hosting a potluck is the best way to go.

  4. Buy ingredients ahead of time: No one ever enjoys shopping for items amidst the holiday rush. Buy non perishable ingredients at least one week ahead and non perishable ingredients four days in advance.

  5. Have fun: You decided to host Friendsgiving to have a good time with your friends. Make a play list, think of games you typically like to play, and most importantly, don't forget to laugh.