Everyone loves to find special mementoes from their trip. The trick is to find pieces that will always hold value and remind you of an unforgettable moment. While traveling in Mexico, I found a few pieces that caught my eye. If you travel to this part of the world keep your eye out for these crafts, or contact me for more information. 

Jellyfish Lamps - These elegant lamps are made out of local gourds, seeds, seashells, handblown glass, and stain glass. Mayan artists undergo four years of training to create these beautiful works of art. The carvings you see in this picture represent a variety of Mayan symbols which represent luck, protection, and love. These lamps are delicate for use indoors and durable enough to withstand rain and humidity in the outdoors.  


Hats - We found these suave hats made out of natural palm fiber off of 5th Avenue and 12th Street in Playa Del Carmen. Each hat is carefully weaved and dried in the sun with care. Not only is each hat unique, they smell fresh, and are bendable/portable for your travels.  


Custom Made Furniture - On our drive to Coba from Tulum, we saw these meticulously handcrafted chairs made by Miguel Angel Quijano Cassanova on the roadside that we had to stop for. Chairs with this design have started to become popular in modern furniture stores, but we thought these pieces were special because we were able to meet the maker and support his skill set. Miguel also makes tables and cabinets out of high quality wood. Depending on what you purchase, you may have to ship it back home. Pakmail on 12th Street in Playa Del Carmen was an outstanding service. Miguel's contact information is available upon request. 


Hand-painted Ceramics - These ceramics are one of a kind because of the varying designs per artist. While they can be found in many places throughout the Peninsula, I recommend finding your favorite one from vendors in Chichen Itza. Not only do you have a variety of colors and sizes to choose from, but you have a lot leverage to bargain your price because of the number of vendors selling local merchandise. 


Hand-Carved Wooden Statues - The level of attention and time it takes to make these wooden carvings just amazes me. Many of these crafters use natural dyes from flowers and plants unique to Mexico.  If you decide to purchase one of these pieces be sure to check the quality of the wood; your piece should have some heft to it.