Ginger Kern is the maven, instigator, girl-on-fire behind a platform and movement for travelers and people on the cusp of finally making the leap to get out there and travel. This platform is called The Travelers Mindset (Global Mindset LLC). It offers coaching services, inspirational and practical resources, and challenges us to apply the mindset we've learned on the road to our everyday lives. This Traveler's Mindset is a way to live more open-mindedly and adventurously no matter where you are in the world.

We are thrilled to share more about Ginger and have her as our first influencer in the Papilia Influencer Series. We had a chance to catch up with Ginger a few weeks ago over a cup of piping hot Chakra tea at the Dushanbe Teahouse in Boulder, here's what she had to say:

Ginger in 60 Seconds

Current Location: Boulder, Colorado

Favorite Place to Travel: Geneva

Travel Motto: Travel light, be the light.

Favorite Activity: Losing myself in epic dance music



1) What do you love most about traveling?

2 things: feeling connected to everyone, everywhere, and drinking in the natural beauty that this planet has to offer.

2) What does your ultimate trip look like?

A mix of the following things, in no particular order: 1) a massive dance party 2) a hike to a beautiful vista 3) flying and/or skydiving) 4) cooking traditional, local recipes and enjoying them with local hosts 5) a Thai massage 6) cliff jumping into a turquoise pool below a waterfall 7) lots of cuddling (etc., etc.) with someone special 8) sunshine, warmth, & lots of fresh air 9) snorkeling 10) a pleasant surprise 11) seeing something ancient 12) seeing something avant-garde 13) time alone 14) connecting with local entrepreneurs/change-makers/purpose-driven citizens 15) being able to help a whole bunch of people along the way 16) city lights & starlight



3) What is your perfect day in your city?

A perfect day in Boulder, Colorado would probably start off with a homemade vegan smoothie and a hike up Mt. Sanitas. Or, if it were a warm day and the wind speed wasn't too high, skydiving would take the place of that hike! Next up: lunch with friends at Dushanbe Teahouse, a colorful building that was gifted to Boulder by our sister city in Tajikistan. I'd spend the afternoon working (there's always more to create!) in Alpine Modern Coffee, and if I were in the rare mood for shopping I'd walk down Pearl Street until something caught my eye. To round out the day, I'd meet up with a person who inspires me for conversation and dinner at Bramble & Hare, a delicious local farm-to-table restaurant.



"If you peel away the superficial layers that you identify with or that society has placed on you, what you'll find is that love is what's there at the core."

4) What culture has surprised you the most and why?

Though I've never been to the country, every single Romanian I've met has been incredibly self-expressed, lit-up, visionary, and innovative. It definitely makes me excited to visit Romania!

5) What's the biggest lesson you have learned from all of your travels?

There is nothing that we do nowadays that doesn't affect people all around the world...and instead of viewing that as a burden, I've learned to view that as a massive opportunity.



6) What immediately connects you to a new place?

Having someone as a local contact who greets me soon after I arrive is the best feeling! Making friends in advance (via the internet, because it's 2015) or being open to making friends upon arrival creates a great foundation for enjoying a trip to the fullest.

7) What are your 5 must have travel-related items that you don't leave home without?

  1. Passport (Don't have yours yet? Hop to it!)
  2. Macbook Air with charger
  3. Unlocked iPhone (I buy a local SIM card asap upon arrival, the brand of smart phone doesn't matter so much, you need a top notch camera) 
  4. Adapters
  5. A Lonely Planet Phrasebook for the language of whatever country I'm visiting

8) What is your next travel-related purchase?

A plane ticket

9) What is your favorite season to travel and why?

Cusp season - spring or early fall. Fewer tourists, lower prices.


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