The world is changing in unbelievable ways. Jarring attacks around the world can make it impossible to see beauty that surrounds us. Even though fear is real in this day and age, there is always hope and appreciation for life and culture.

People around the world want the same things in life. We want to be happy, we want to provide food, shelter, and opportunity for our family. Travel allows us to realize how much we really are one. But how do we do that if we are scared to travel? We have to overcome our fears in some way; and the Papilia team is here to help you with these tips:

1. We can't let terror overcome our passion for life. If travel is a part of your spirit, continue to travel but stay informed and alert with your surroundings. If travel is not a major part of your life but you are planning a trip, talk to your loved ones who are expert travelers to help you make decisions.

2. Talk to people who have recently traveled to your destination. They are useful resources to understanding what is really happening on a local level.

3. Use your intuition. If you feel like you may not enjoy your trip due to the current situation, postpone it, but don't cancel it. In place of your planned trip days, take a vacation close to home, or make time for a staycation to fall back in love with your city.

As always, our team is always here to help you with your travel concerns.