Attention travelers who need personalized style tips and clothing to arrive at your doorstep; consider Stitch Fix! 

This past year I decided to try Stitch Fix, a styling service recommended by a friend. She raved about the convenience not to mention the anticipation of receiving her 'Fix' in the mail. My natural curiosity to try this service resulted in scheduling my fix as soon as I got home to my computer.

Reactions from my first experience: 

1. I was precise about my style preferences: I took the Stitch Fix styling service seriously. They asked me detailed questions about my measurements, style aesthetic, and need for professional/leisure ware. 

2. I was not precise about what I was looking for: I left the decision for my first fix up to my stylist to see what she could come up with.  She found some great pieces, but I already had some of the staple items that were sent to me. 

3. I loved the concept, so I decided to stick with it:  I really liked the idea of having a personalized service that would find clothing, accessories, or shoes that I never would have thought to try out or purchase. 




Tips If You Decide To Try A Fix :

1. Be precise about what you are looking for with your stylist: If there is something you have been looking for but can't find, let your stylist know! Let her know what she shouldn't send too. 

2. Create a Pinterest board: This board will do wonders for your fix! Visuals are the easiest way to communicate a concept to your stylist. 

3. Be realistic about what you can afford: Do the math and be honest with yourself about your price range. If you have a certain amount of money allocated toward a clothing fund, think about how often you want to receive a fix. Do not feel pressured to purchase the whole fix; you have to be happy with your purchase. 

4. Think about gaps in your wardrobe: If you know you are missing a staple item in your wardrobe, this is the place to find the perfect fit. I was looking for a dressy sweatshirt, and I now have one because of Stitch Fix. I honestly don't think I would have made time to find the right one on my own.  

If you are intrigued by the idea of having handpicked styles delivered to your door, click the link below:

As a disclaimer, I decided to become one of their affiliate partners because I loved their service so much. This post has been written because I genuinely love the service.