I am more than thrilled to introduce Papilia to business and leisure travelers who revel in the thrill of exploration and adventure as a part of their daily lives. I’d like to share our story with you, and offer a glimpse into our vision for how we see Papilla revolutionizing the way people travel and appreciate culture.

The Origination of Papilla:

As most things are developed, Papilla was born out of a need. As a person who travels to multiple destinations which includes a variety of activities and weather patterns, I always asked myself the typical questions any traveler asks before going on a trip:

What should I pack this time? What will the weather be? What will I be doing there? Is this culturally appropriate? What am I missing?

…till one day in October 2014 when I was planning a trip that required too many decisions to be made before I packed, and I just couldn’t take it anymore.

The Papilia Concept:

Papilia is a luxury travel app dedicated to enhancing your travel experience by providing packing essentials that integrate cultural nuances with your personal style. We also offer exclusive shopping capabilities tailored for your journey ahead.

We aim to enhance your overall travel experience in the following ways:

Save time by providing information on what to pack for your destination; limiting the amount of research that has to be done before departing on a trip Provide style essentials which align with our client’s personal aesthetic + destination Provide cultural style tips for added ease when traveling

YOU are a Part of Papilia:

If you are traveling let us help you pack! We are in the process of testing the goals for Papilla and we would love to help you pack for your next trip. All you have to do is fill out this survey, and we will contact you with suggestions on what to pack, along with cultural tips, and shopping advice.

If you are a travel, culture or fashion blogger, and are interested in working with us in our beta stage, contact me at sophiahyder4@gmail.com 2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook 3. We would love to hear your comments.