I will be the first to admit this: life is stressful. It does not matter what you do, who you are, or where you live. Most of us tend to have responsibilities and concerns that effect our daily lives. One responsibility we tend to neglect is our personal well being, not taking enough time for ourselves. If we just had one moment of peace...

A CBS Sunday morning clip about meditation inspired me to try this out for myself. I made a promise to take at least 10 minutes in the morning to meditate before starting my day. Mediation offers a wide variety of benefits to the human psyche and I can say from first hand experience that meditation has given me moments of peace everyday.

What I Do Every Morning:

I wake up, look outside the window, and set my intention for the day. Before checking emails, I use my mediation app to check in. I take into account how I am feeling, my state of mind, and choose the appropriate meditation for the day. (The Stop, Breathe Think app guides me to select these choices).

This Is How Those 10 Minutes Have Helped Me:

Peace and Clarity: I am reminded about the all the good things I have in life. How lucky I am to have family, friends, shelter, food, all the basic things we take for granted on a daily basis.



Focus: I eliminate all that extra noise that goes on in my head. I make clear action items for my day guided by the goals I set for the year.



Confidence: I remind myself that hard work and perseverance is always rewarded.



If You Are Interested In Meditation:

Meditation retreats are a great way to explore a new place while you take time to hit the reset button:

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