Sometimes weight gain creeps up on us.  We don't realize it until "wow my favorite jeans don't fit?!" As the years go by, one Thanksgiving at a time and one Christmas at a time, we tend to overeat and slowly pile on the pounds.  Here are some trick to help you stop the holiday weight gain, train, and stay healthy during the holidays!

1) Exercise!  On holidays it's especially important to move, get active and get your metabolism reved up.  Set a realistic goal.  Perhaps you could run or walk one mile before or after dinner.  Or do a little circuit routine like this at home and get your heart rate up. Even better, get the whole family on board and take a walk together after eating. This will benefit everyone. I call this damage control!




2) Introduce healthier options and make it look pretty.  Having more healthy options on the table will help you make healthier decisions, but that doesn't mean you have to eat a boring salad while everyone else indulges. Be creative by adding fruits, colorful vegetables, and/or nuts. This is far less depressing then a plain green salad and it will add vibrant colors onto your table.

3) Portion control. The fact is you will have your favorite foods no matter what your trainer tells you.  My advice is eat less of the fattening and sugary foods and stock up on veggies and salad while eating everything else as a small side.

 4) Have 1 glass of water for every drink.  Alcohol is not only high in sugar but it also prohibits your body from going in fat burning mode.  Basically when you overeat and drink alcohol your body is working extra hard to process the alcohol, and in return is not using the food you just ate as energy.  That means all that food you just ate is going straight to fat reserve. As much as possible, try reducing your alcohol intake by introducing one cup of water for every alcoholic drink (if you can't avoid alcohol entirely).  Drinking water will keep your hands busy and make you feel full so you're less inclined to over drink.

5) Give up the skin and ease up on the gravy.  A slice of turkey breast is a excellent source of protein, but to avoid weight gain give up the skin and ease up on the arterie blocking gravy.  Your body will thank you later. I Promise!

6) Find an alternative to your favorite holiday comfort food.  Nowadays, the Internet is flowing with healthy remakes of your favorite traditional holiday foods like this. Give it a shot!  Overall and over time this will make a big difference in your life!

Whether you implement all of these or some of these tricks, making those changes can benefit your health in a big way.   Making better decisions for yourself..... now that's something worth celebrating. Eat good food,  drink water and be merry. ;-)

~Courtesy of Papilia's Health + Fitness Expert Onika Keleny of OK Fit