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The Importance of Travel + Attire #CultureTrav

The Importance of Travel + Attire #CultureTrav

We wake up every morning, go about our daily morning routine and make decisions about our attire according to our activities and weather for the day. This decision is made whether we realize it or not; perhaps because we are aware of our surroundings, and know how to acclimate to our own culture.

What about when we travel? How do we prepare to dress appropriately for another culture? I have to admit, I did not give attire too much thought when I was in my 20s; I wore clothing that I was comfortable in, not realizing it may not have been appropriate for the cultural setting I was placed in. In retrospect, seeing people look at me a certain way, made me feel out of place, and placed me in a dangerous position since I stood out looking like a ‘foreigner’. 

Attire can make or break a personal experience. Anxiety when packing appropriately for our destination can also negatively impact our experiences.

This is why I’m elated to discuss this topic on the #CultureTrav Twitter chat June 25th at 2:30PM Eastern Standard Time (EST) hosted by @Nicolette_O and @JLipowski

Please join us as we ask all you savvy travelers about your experiences regarding travel and attire. 

A preview of our questions below: 

Q1: How long does it typically take you to pack for your trips? Why? What dictates which clothes to bring? #CultureTrav

Q2: Do you shop for attire you need before departing, or wait to shop from local stores? What do you prefer? #CultureTrav

Q3: Have you ever over or underdressed? Share your experience with us. #CultureTrav

Q4: Is there a particular type of attire you really love or appreciate from another culture? Got a pic? #CultureTrav

Q5: What role does one’s attire play in being safe while traveling and is it specific to only women? #CultureTrav

Q6: Share a photo of traditional clothing or attire from your country or heritage. #CultureTrav

BONUS: If you could wear one thing the rest of your life, what would it be and why? #CultureTrav