Some people wish they traveled more. Some people wish they didn’t have to travel at all. Some people wish they could have maximized their trip just a little more. Some people are just purely happy about their trip experience. 

The blaring question here is: What will it take for you to be purely happy with your trip experience? 

After taking countless trips for business and leisure, I’ve created some tips that I have put into practice. I want you to be happy, maximize your experience, and live without regret on any journey you aim to embark upon. 

….for your leisure trip: 

1.  Set intentions for your trip: If you intend to relax, explore, or to just take a break, then follow your intention and intuition. There is a reason why you planned for your trip. 

2. Plan to unplug yourself: You are always ‘plugged’ at home, so why not use your time to appreciate your surroundings? 

3. Try something new on vacation: The best time to learn something about yourself is when you are away from home. Take time to try a local cuisine, or embark on an adventurous excursion. Because, why not!?!

…and for your business trip: 

1. Routine can be comforting, but take time to try something new: Use a new route to work, check out a new restaurant, or sign up for a workout class. These trips can be stressful, so balance the stress by taking care of yourself.

2. Get some rest: Time is your advocate if allow yourself to get some sleep. Balanced serotonin levels will help maximize your productivity levels because quality time is your most precious commodity. 

3. Be prepared: Have your daily agenda ready but also be patient. Delays happen, and you WIILL survive. Worrying will not help you in the long run, so stay on your toes, and roll with the punches. 

Live. Love. Travel.