Let’s face it. No one likes long layovers. You are already exhausted from the woes of travel, but attitude and distraction is everything. We have listed the top 5 airports where you want to schedule long layovers for culture, cuisine, relaxation, and shopping!

Singapore - Changi Airport

Why: The airport has free movie theaters, swimming pool, a garden, tours of the city, and so much more. The airport guide and friendly staff are more than willing to help you 'choose your own adventure.'

Amsterdam - Schiphol Airport

Why: This airport exudes culture, luxury, and relaxation. Schiphol is close enough to the city to be able to take a tour if you have over four hours to spend.

South Korea - Incheon Airport

Why: This airport is filled with culture, ranging from a museum to daily performances. The food is delicious and the shopping is spectacular.

Central Japan (Nagoya) - Chubu Centrair

Why: This is an award winning regional airport, as reviewed by Business Insider. I have not had the pleasure of visiting this airport but it has a 1,000-foot-long sky deck where passengers can watch ships sail into Nagoya Port. There is also a traditional Japanese bathhouse where you can have a relaxing soak while watching the sunset over the bay, not to mention the culinary cuisines.