Lesson learned for the week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: sometimes you NEED to travel unplugged.

I’m the kind of person that runs on at least 8 gazillion cylinders while trying to make sure I pay attention to the beautiful world around me. As we know, it can all be pretty overwhelming, especially if we are connected by phones, computers, tablets and other distracting devices all the time. 

I needed time to unplug for a week, to actually go on vacation where I made time for myself, to not feel like I had any obligations to anyone or anything; to simply appreciate what life has to offer. This past week in Punta Cana recharged my life emotionally, spiritually, and professionally. 

Emotionally, I was completely run down between responsibilities of ensuring my consulting projects were running smoothly while taking the time to move Papilla’s app development forward. 

Spiritually, I needed time to relax my brain; to take a step back and to think about the people I care about, along with how I choose to spend my time, and if that time is well spent. 

Professionally, I needed to take a step back from all my TO DO lists in order to effectively prioritize important tasks. I was magnifying the significance of every little detail, which is not healthy or productive.  


Taking the time to feel the ocean breeze, absorb local culture, eat delicious fruit (mango is my ultimate fave) and relish in the magnificent scenery, made me realize how life is all a matter of perspective. As long as we set the right intentions for our day and do the very best we can to achieve that intention, we will be okay, and we will come out on top. 

I’ve come back with a recharged sense of happiness, love, and dedication for the people I care about the most, along with the professional clarity I need for Papilia. 

It’s time to ask yourself how YOU can go about unplugging from your reality to find clarity. 

1. Make time for yourself, even if it’s 10 minutes to think about your dream goals. 

My example: I needed a vacation where I could unplug, relax, and rejuvenate since I love traveling so much. 

2. Identify what small barriers are preventing you to reaching those goals 

My example: Not everything is an urgent priority

3. Give yourself a time frame to take small steps to achieve your goals. Every step counts. 

My example: I scheduled my vacation into my calendar as an urgent priority along with mini goals I needed to achieve before departing. I felt like I earned the trip because of all the hard work I had done to achieve each mini goal. 

I encourage you all to go forth, travel more, and love life!