Many miscommunications we have on a daily basis are due to lack of empathy and/or cultural awareness. When we have a better understanding of different perspectives, we are able to expand our intellect by finding new ways to approach problems and to innovate through these experiences. Papilia offers powerful sessions on how to be a global citizen by creating meaningful connections regardless of where you live in the world.


In this fast-paced digital age, how often do we have pause and reflect moments for ourselves, let alone take the time to understand and connect with different cultures? This interactive workshop is designed to help you view your own balance in your life via the people you surround yourself with, the place you live and work within, and if you find purpose in your actions. The Three P’s will be used as a framework to explore cultural curiosities as well as avenues to create powerful connections with other cultures in an engaging and meaningful manner. 

 Upon completion of this session, you will have the tools you need to be more mindful about the choices you make in your life through the development of a personal manifesto. You will also learn how to develop deeper connections with other cultures by improving upon your open-minded listening skills. You will tap into your curiosity about other cultures by framing thoughtful questions you would like to learn about your audience in conjunction with the Three P’s.

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Only 10% of cultural nuances are witnessed by the naked eye. This training focuses on ways to understand your customer’s culture, to help you build confidence, and set you apart from your competition when doing business overseas. We provide guidance on how to make an impression with global clientele, email/verbal/meeting etiquette, handling negotiations, addressing management challenges, and proper attire.

Upon completion of our session(s), your company will be equipped to effectively obtain buy-in and lead diverse teams, develop a diverse portfolio of clientele, and gain the ability to adapt to diverse and unfamiliar situations with confidence.



Communication is key with every human interaction; the challenge can often be how to communicate effectively with culturally diverse audiences. This interactive training provides you with techniques on how to positively influence your colleagues and customers, how to handle negotiations, and how to improve your communication strategy via email, telephone and in-person interactions. We help companies expand their business opportunity forecast and new business strategy through the cultivation of meaningful relationships.

Upon completion of our session(s) participants will have a rich understanding of their own cultural communication style in conjunction with other cultures. He/she will be better equipped to interact with internal and external clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds in a productive and personable manner.


Group and/or individual coaching opportunities are offered for all staff levels, cultures, and generations. Sessions can be tailored to soft skills development, leadership, communication, or another relevant topic of the company’s choosing for improvement or further development.