Various modes of communication are seemingly supposed to make it easier for people to connect, however people are more disconnected now than ever before. Papilia addresses these communication barriers through various perspectives using a thoughtful human-centric approach.


Communication is key with every human interaction; the challenge can often be how to communicate effectively with culturally diverse audiences. This interactive training provides you with techniques on how to positively influence your colleagues and customers, how to handle negotiations, and how to improve your communication strategy via email, telephone and in-person interactions. We help companies expand their business opportunity forecast and new business strategy through the cultivation of meaningful relationships.

Upon completion of our session(s) participants will be better equipped to interact with internal and external clients from a variety of cultural backgrounds in a productive and personable manner.

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Four to five generations are currently a part of this workforce. While varying perspectives are positive for innovation, they can also create major communication barriers. Papilia offers customized solutions to help employees within your company connect on an individual level, to meet in the middle, and to work together in an effective and inspiring way. 

Upon completion of our session(s) participants will obtain a richer understanding of how a multigenerational workforce brings value to the workplace and how to work in a cohesive manner that promotes respect for the individual and the collective growth for your company.


Organizational structures often require a streamlined system for how to communicate within various levels of management. Employees are most effective when they understand the ‘who, what, when, where, why,’ and most importantly HOW their actions have an impact on the success of the entire company. Papilia aligns these fundamental areas of focus with your company’s mission to ensure a more fluid stream of communication among personnel.

Upon completion of our session(s) staff members will have a greater understanding about the importance of their role and how their position has an impact upon company goals. They will also receive problem solving tools to utilize for reference as needed.