A well-qualified workforce can dictate the success of your company. The challenge is often finding dedicated team members who have a positive attitude and the proper qualifications for the job at hand. Papilia offers a comprehensive service which examines your current hiring practices, onboarding process, workforce performance, as well as mentoring/coaching opportunities to elevate employee skillsets, retention, and motivation.


As a hiring professional, you realize the ideal team member exists, but your company is having a difficult time finding and hiring that individual. Papilia will assess your vetting process inclusive of interview questions, scope of work, and expectations for the position to ensure you are hiring qualified and well-rounded staff.

Upon completion, your company will have greater proficiency in aligning company and candidate expectations for greater return on investment and retention. We ensure the foundation of this process is inclusive of diverse backgrounds, generations, personalities, and gauging of basic/applied skillsets.

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You have found perfect candidates, hired them, and after some time has lapsed you have found that some miscommunications could have been rectified the first week of the new hires’ tenure. Papilia will evaluate your onboarding process and set proper expectations for new staff members by addressing company culture, proper channels of communication, accountability measures, mentorship opportunities, and any other topics that your company would like to address early in the new hires’ term. 

Upon completion, your on-boarding experience will clearly reflect your company culture inclusive of expectations, guidance, and opportunities.


Success of your company is dependent upon a healthy workforce and the ability to adapt to changing enabling environments. Papilia conducts biannual workforce productivity and wellness surveys to uncover areas of improvement, continuation, and new development. We believe greater insight into your company’s well-being contributes to a higher return on investment.

Upon completion, you will receive accurate insight and recommendations about how to modify or continue company processes through data collected and feedback obtained from your employees.


Group and/or individual coaching opportunities are offered for all staff levels, cultures, and generations. Sessions can be tailored to soft skills development, leadership, communication, or another relevant topic of the company’s choosing for improvement or further development.