Papilia offers a variety of add-on options, such as a group yoga class and coaching sessions to enhance team dynamics within your company culture. Review our course topics below and schedule a free consultation for more information.



Understanding your cross cultural communication and mindful leadership style is key to developing trust and building meaningful relationships for long term professional and personal success. This workshop will provide you with customized and practical tools to incorporate into your daily life such as how to listen to your audience, how to communicate effectively, how to lead with confidence, and how to develop healthy relationships that foster sustainable development outcomes. This session helps people discuss complex issues in a fun, non-judgmental, and productive manner. 

Upon completion of this session, you will have a rich understanding of your own cultural communication style in conjunction with other cultures you interact with in your professional and personal life. Other activities chosen in conjunction with the culture mapping exercise will enhance your ability to be more productive and lead a healthier lifestyle.



In this fast-paced digital age, how often do we have pause and reflect moments for ourselves, let alone take the time to understand and connect with different cultures? This interactive workshop is designed to help you view your own balance in your life via the people you surround yourself with, the place you live and work within, and if you find purpose in your actions. The Three P’s will be used as a framework to explore cultural curiosities as well as avenues to create powerful connections with other cultures in an engaging and meaningful manner. 

Upon completion of this session, you will have the tools you need to be more mindful about the choices you make in your life through the development of a personal manifesto. You will also learn how to develop deeper connections with other cultures by improving upon your open-minded listening skills. You will tap into your curiosity about other cultures by framing thoughtful questions you would like to learn about your audience in conjunction with the Three P’s.



Mindful leadership is a powerful concept that can transform how you lead yourself and your teams. We will combine an array of enlightening topics to empower you to be the effective and confident leader that you envision yourself to be. Some topics include but are not limited to: self-awareness, cross cultural understanding, overcoming barriers to fear, and how to influence your audience.  

Upon completion, you will have greater knowledge of how to apply these mindful leadership concepts into your personal and professional life. A self-curated leadership mantra will be crafted before the end of this session. 




Design thinking principles are used to ideate the implementation of sustainable behavior changes to improve employee wellness, enhance customer experiences, and to promote productivity. Employees will be engaged in the process to obtain varying perspectives and buy-in, and will be encouraged to express their ideas in a constructive manner. 

Upon completion, your company will have a recommended implementation guide to use for the agreed upon goal.